High Blood Pressure

High or elevated blood pressure occurs when the blood vessels and arteries experiences high pressure which distort the arterial wall. This causes extra stress on your heart. High blood pressure experienced for long term periods could lead to other medical complications such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Major causes of high blood pressure include caffeine, alcohol, obesity, birth control pills, obesity, high salt intake, smoking, emotional stress, as well as poisoning caused by the heavy metals.

Blood pressure ranges

  • Less than 120/80: Normal
  • 120-139/80-89: Prehypertension
  • 140-159/90-99: First stage of high blood pressure
  • 100 and above/160 and above: Second stage of high blood pressure.

Note that there are no major symptoms associated with high blood pressure. However there are some warning signs which occur, and they include confusion, buzzing or ear noise, headaches, irregular heartbeat, tiredness, nosebleeds, vision changes, and chest pain.

Blood pressure diet

Low sodium foodssalt

High salt intake raises high blood pressure. You should limit your salt consumption to about 15000-200mg on a daily basis. That is the recommended safe value.

High fiber foods

Consume the unprocessed foods with high fiber content such as fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Any healthy diet should be based on them.

Low potassium foods

Potassium helps in counteracting any effect produced by sodium ions thus lowering the blood pressure. It can be obtained in the following foods bananas, avocados, and melons.

Omega -3 rich foods

You should consume foods rich in omega-3 such as grass-fed beef, chia, fax seeds, salmon fish. These foods play a significant role in reducing inflammation.

The dark chocolate

dark chocolateDark chocolate containing cocoa phenols help to reduce blood pressure significantly. It should have at least 20 mg of the mentioned phenols.

Foods to avoid
  • Sugars-High consumption of the processed sugar is linked to high levels of blood pressure.
  • High sodium salt-These foods raise the blood pressure. Sodium processed foods should, therefore, be avoided. They include canned foods, pickles, and olives.
  • Alcohol-It is known for narrowing the arteries thus increasing blood pressure.
 Natural blood pressure remedies

Magnesium. It helps in the relaxation of the smooth muscles thereby reducing blood pressure.
Fish oil. It is for reducing inflammation and blood pressure when taken for long –term
Garlic. Garlic helps in lowering the blood pressure and relaxation of the smooth muscles.

Lifestyle tip

Stress reduction helps in lowering the blood pressure. Other lifestyle tips include better sleep, having fun and free time, exercising and many others.